Hi, I’m Denisha #thekillerpatchmaster

A tenacious, loving and energetic designer who enjoys helping you take the design visions in your head to life.

Early on

I am a cosplayer that was secretly a frustrated designer. As a cosplayer with a nontraditional body type, I found myself constantly having to customize clothing in order to represent the characters I wanted to portray. Crafting became a passion that helped me to enjoy the fandoms I loved.


I finally turned my passion for crafting into a service for others looking for personalization. McFierce Productions was born from my frustration of being unable to find affordable customized gear. I was searching for items for myself and kept running into a wall. Just like with cosplay I decided if it was not readily available, I would make it myself. So if you’re like me frustrated by the options available to you, work with me. My goal is bring your vision to life! From the Inspiration to the application we can customize almost anything! I love making custom patches to fit all your needs.