When you’re beginning to embroider, you may wonder where can I find items to embroider on. Today I want to tell you my favorite places to get items to embroider on.

#5 Your closet: Your closet can be a gold mine for embroidery blanks. Your old favorite pair of jeans or an item of clothing you’ve never worn can be repurposed into a blank canvas to embroider on.

#4 Family Dollar/ Dollar General is a great place to find blanks. Their clearance section can be a place to find items as low as a dollar and less than ten dollars.

#3 Your local Thrift shop can be a treasure trove for all kinds of unique clothing. You can find one of a kind items that you can keep for yourself or sell for a profit.

#2 Joann Fabrics/ Michaels /Walmart are great locations to shop the clearance section, You can get t-shirts, jackets, canvas or towels for low prices. The best part with Joann/Michaels is you can use coupons.

#1 Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to get embroidery blanks and the best part is the items are $1!